Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get access to ShopYourLikes?

ShopYourLikes is an invitation only platform. If you are interested in getting access to the platform simply submit your information through the homepage ( Once we receive your invitation request, a member of our team will review your social profile and determine if ShopYourLikes is a good fit for you.

How does ShopYourLikes work?

ShopYourLikes has partnerships with retailers who are willing to pay influencers for sending shoppers to their websites. You are paid a percentage, or a commission, based on the money that we make from the shoppers who click on your posts. The more people who click on your posts and buy the products you share, the more money you make.

How do I make money?

With ShopYourLikes making money is simple. The same way you want your posts to have as many likes and comments as possible, with ShopYourLikes you want to get as many clicks and orders as you can. We monitor the amount of shoppers who click on your posts and you earn money with every click. Using the tools provided within the platform we make it easy to generate ShopYourLikes links so you can use them on whatever social platform you want.

Can I use ShopYourLikes to promote my own personal website/YouTube channel?

Absolutely! One of the great things about ShopYourLikes is that you are able to make use of it in a variety of ways. The links that you generate using the platform have the power to connect people from your posts to pretty much anywhere on the web. If you want to make money through ShopYourLikes you have to use links from retailers that are online, but you can incorporate your personal web pages as often as you want.

How long do ShopYourLikes links stay active?

ShopYourLikes links remain active as long as the URL on the retailers site is active. We do not have a set expiration for our URLs. Feel free to use them as long as they are valuable to you.

Do ShopYourLikes links work on mobile devices?

Yes! Our ShopYourLikes links work across all browsers and device types including mobile devices and tablets.

How does the ShopYourLikes PPC (Pay-Per-Click) system work?

ShopYourLikes operates a PPC program that pays you for every valid click. We track clicks and sales and determine an earnings amount per click. This rate can fluctuate over time and across our different retailer partners. The more clicks that convert to sales the better! We take that sales data into consideration to change your potential earnings per click over time so get those sales numbers up and start earning more per click!

How do you enable/disable tools?

ShopYourLikes gives you the ability to manage which tools you have enabled through the “Manage Account” page ( You can visit this page at any time, find the “Tool Preferences” section, click the edit button, and either check or uncheck any of the tool boxes. Once you click update, the tools you have enabled will immediately be available to you.

How long before I see clicks show up in the dashboard?

Our dashboard updates daily around 6am PST so you will generally see today’s clicks available on the dashboard first thing tomorrow.


How much money do I need to earn to get paid?

ShopYourLikes requires a minimum earnings of $25 before payment is issued. You do not lose your earnings if you do not reach that amount within the month. Your balance will carry over to the following month(s) until you reach that amount.

How does ShopYourLikes pay me?

Currently we only support payment via PayPal. Make sure to configure your PayPal information in your “Manage Account” page ( You may also get contacted to fill out a W-9 IRS tax form which you can find on the IRS government website here.

When should I expect payment?

Payment is generally issue around 45 days from the close of the month. Our accounting process follows a Net 45 payment term so when the month closes, you will generally see payment for that month approximately 6 weeks from that point but potentially sooner.

Why is the payment process delayed?

We process payments at the interval that we do because it allows us to identify and prevent any fraud behavior. When the month closes we evaluate all the sales and traffic delivered by our users to ensure that everyone receives the proper earnings amount and our retailer partners are getting the high quality traffic that they expect.

I see a payment as “Submitted” but I do not see the funds in my PayPal account yet. Is there an issue?

Once you see a payment as being “Submitted” on the payments tab of the portal it can take up to 7 business days to appear in your PayPal account. This record shows exactly how much you should expect to appear in your account. If you do not see the funds after a week, feel free to contact us.


Why was a negative adjustment made to my account?

Your earnings may include adjustments for various reasons. ShopYourLikes may adjust your earnings if it detects invalid click activity in your account or activity that is not in compliance with our terms. ShopYourLikes may also adjust your earnings if it cannot collect payments from the retailers/merchants who you delivered traffic to. ShopYourLikes works diligently to ensure that these instances are rare to ensure reliability for all our users.

I’d like to appeal the adjustment. Can I do so?

Unfortunately, you can’t appeal the adjustment. Please be assured that we have applied due diligence in reviewing the traffic in your account. A negative adjustment is issued when we find invalid clicks in your account, when we find activity that’s not in compliance with our terms, if your performance consistently does not deliver sales, or when merchants are unable to pay for the traffic delivered through our platform.

I noticed that my finalized earnings are different from my estimated earnings. Why would I receive an additional adjustment?

The estimated earnings you see in your account give you an estimate of recent account activity and clicks delivered by your account. Finalized earnings include all revenue you’ll be paid for considering validated clicks. On some occasions, ShopYourLikes may notice activity you’ve already been paid for is invalid or not in compliance with our terms. In such cases, ShopYourLikes posts an adjustment to your account in the form of a deduction.

What was the date range for this deduction?

We’re unable to provide the date range for which your adjustment was issued. Once we complete our investigation and begin processing the adjustments, it may take up to 30 days for the adjustment to appear in your account.

Can I get more details on the adjustment?

To maintain the integrity of our invalid activity detection system and to prevent users from circumventing the system, we can’t provide details on what activity we noticed in your account.

How can I prevent this from happening again?

We encourage publishers to continuously monitor their overall performance to identify potential signs of invalid click activity. It’s important for you to know where your traffic comes from and make sure that you are posting our ShopYourLikes links on platforms that deliver quality leads.

Active Retailers

Does ShopYourLikes work for all retailers/brands?

Even though our catalog of retailers is constantly expanding, we do not have relationships with every retailer on the internet. If the retailer is online in our network then the links you generate through our tools will earn you revenue with every click. If the retailer is not online in our system you can still use our tools to generate links to whatever page you want, you will just not earn any revenue until that merchant comes online. Make sure to check our “Active Merchants” page within the portal to see who is online at any given time (

Do the active retailers ever change?

Active retailers can change over time. We generally operate off of a set budget with our retailer partners and on rare occasion that budget can expire. This could temporarily take the retailer offline. We do everything we can to ensure that our retailers are always available and offering the highest potential earnings for our users. We are also constantly signing up new partners so make sure to check back regularly to avoid missing out on our newest partners.

Can I send traffic to retailers not active within ShopYourLikes?

Yes! You can send traffic to retailers that we do not partner with but you will not get paid by us for that traffic.

Link Generator

How does the Link Generator work?

The link generator takes a URL and converts it to a ShopYourLikes link. This new link is custom to your account and can be used on any social site. When someone clicks on the link we track that click and if the click is going to one of our active retailers you will make some amount of money.

When should I use the Link Generator?

The Link Generator is useful in a lot of cases. Most of our users will use this to make a link that they can then put in their Instagram stories or latest blog posts.

Why am I seeing an estimated earnings value of 0 for the link I converted using the Link Generator?

Generally if you see an estimated earnings of 0, it is most likely due to either an invalid URL or a URL from a retailer that is not active in our ShopYourLikes platform. If you are expecting the retailer to be online, make sure that you have copied the complete URL and pasted it into the Link Generator properly before clicking the “Convert Link” button.

Instagram Shop

Can I link more than one Instagram account?

Currently our system only supports linking a single Instagram account to the Instagram Shop. We do have plans to upgrade this feature in the future so stay tuned!

What information does ShopYourLikes access from Instagram?

When you link your Instagram account to ShopYourLikes, we only get access to your public profile information and Instagram feed. We only get the necessary data needed to support the Instagram Shop feature and do not ever post on your behalf.

Do I need to make a ShopYourLikes link for every product I want to pin?

No, you do not have to convert the link before adding it to one of your posts in the Instagram Shop. Simply put a title and the direct retailer URL directly into the Instagram Shop and we will take care of making a trackable ShopYourLikes link behind the scenes.